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At the heart of my coaching practice is an unwavering determination to help you live a life, truly on your own terms. No more people-pleasing. You, as your truest and boldest self.

Grounded in understanding your values, knowing your purpose and cultivating your unique resources of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-belief. Coaching with me is heartfelt and purposeful. 

I am committed to helping you find joy and acceptance with your whole self. For you to truly know and trust who you are without the deafening noise of the outside world influencing you. And, instead your own loud, clear and confident.

my coaching philosophy:

My work is grounded in the theory of Positive Psychology. Everything I advise is 100% backed by science. Using evidence-based tools, techniques and approaches I will help you stop people-pleasing and start finding out who you are so you can move towards a place of acceptance within yourself.

There is so much power in knowing and accepting all the parts of ourselves we find.

Human beings are messy, complicated and nuanced and my coaching work embraces all sides of our intricate selves. We are fallible and make mistakes, yet we are magnificent and oh so capable. It is never too late to change our story and it is never too late to want more.

I believe the work to stop people-pleasing and start living life on our own terms is political. Using our voices and finding our truth is feminist work.

It is a bold and radical act to accept and trust who you are because so many thrive and profit on us staying small and quiet. But, the less we doubt ourselves the more time and energy we have to fight for the world we want to live in.

I believe; we do know who we are and we can trust ourselves.

my story:

I spent the first decade of my career doing things that I thought I should do. Maybe you know the feeling. I worked in fashion, for brands like ASOS and H&M, and... I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed. That's what happens when there's a huge disparity between the life you're living and the life you actually want to live. It took me ten years to build a life on my own terms and I'm on a mission to help more women do the same.

I thought working in fashion made me “cool” which was good because I didn’t feel cool or good enough to be there at all. I pretended I wanted my roles and fought hard to get them but the reality was very different. All of it made me desperately unhappy.

The tipping point came following a pitiful annual salary review. I was gutted. But, I was gutted for something I had never really wanted. Working hard for a career I didn’t see a future in. Huh? Exactly. I decided that very day, no matter how long it took I would build a different life for myself, one on my own terms. Doing the work I wanted to do; the kind that makes you come alive.

As Glennon Doyle says “the truest and most beautiful life you can imagine”.

I believe in, equality and social justice and I am a fierce intersectional feminist. Yet, I will always be learning, always listening and always wanting to know more. I have a deep respect for you, your background, your identity and your circumstances.

I want to work with, lift up and walk alongside womxn always.

fun facts!

  • Tesco’s own onion rings are my guilty pleasure along with mature cheddar cheese dunked in coleslaw
  • I am obsessed with gritty, dark Scandinavian crime dramas and podcasts, oh I love podcasts. Until recently I had over 100 in my ‘up next’. My favourites at the moment are The High Low, Where Should We Begin, Unsubscribe and Pod Save America
  • I am fascinated by psychology, by the brain and how humans interact. I am endlessly curious about people
  • My perfect Sunday is a slow, lazy morning, hot food, a beautiful novel and hiking in the Scottish mountains
  • I am fuelled by red lipstick, strong coffee and Idris Elba daydreams

I cannot wait to get to know you.


bragging rights

I had a fantastic first session with Lucy: we dove straight into finding a practical solution for issues I've been feeling stuck in, and she provided me with an achievable plan to help me reach my goals. Lucy is full of positive energy, warmth and a can-do attitude. Even if you're new to coaching as I was I'd definitely recommend working with her: it's amazing to see what she can do in as little as an hour! Thank you so much, Lucy!”
- Alexandra

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