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Stop people-pleasing and START finding yourself


Creative and empowering coaching for aligning your external self with your REAL self.

Are you bone-tired of feeling both underwhelmed and overwhelmed simultaneously?

Have you realised the life you are living is definitely not the one you planned to live? Or, maybe you don't have those specific words but you feel something is not right. You know life should be more than this but you don't know how or what.

Do you spend a lot of time avoiding yourself?

How many more draining hours do you want to spend looking for answers at the click of a finger only to find millions of results but a fruitless search. Or, maybe for you it is the bottom of a glass? A checkout basket? An empty Cadburys wrapper? Or more screen time than it takes to run a marathon?

Yet, could it be the life you are so desperately craving is already within you? Maybe… all the answers you need are there, just below the surface and your only responsibility is to let them come to the surface.

If you are like me, eventually, you will reach a point, perhaps this is why you are reading this now? There are no more google searches left to type. It is time to turn inwards and look to ourselves for the answers we are so desperately seeking.

REwild is how we do this. Together. REwild is how we stop people-pleasing and let go of perfectionism. REwild is how we start finding our true selves.

You will learn the most important lessons; how to listen to yourself, how to put yourself first and how to say NO to the things not right for you. How to understand who you are and what really matters to you. How to know and truly believe whatever storms may come your way you have the inner resources to find Your Way Through. You will prove to yourself you CAN do hard things.

I cannot do the work for you, and I will not promise to solve everything; however, I can wholeheartedly assure you there is a place of strength, independence, worth and trust within you desperate to be let into the wild.

REwild is for those who:

  • Are ready to stop people-pleasing
  • Want to put themselves first
  • Want to start saying NO to the people, places and things not right for them
  • Are ready to stop striving to meet external standards
  • Want to stop undervaluing themselves
  • Crave more meaning in life
  • Want to develop a positive and accepting mindset
  • Are ready to say SAYONARA to limiting self-beliefs
  • Would like to re-train their minds to default naturally to a place of ease and self-kindness
  • Are ready to accept themselves, as their true, bold, WILD selves
  • Want to develop confidence, self-belief and self-worth
  • Ache for a life on their own terms

If I am honest, I came to REwild because I needed it myself. I was lost and drowning in the noise of the outside world. Yet, turning in, learning how to say no and finally, eventually stopping (almost, I am only human after all!) people-pleasing has been one of the most meaningful journeys of my life and I am absolutely determined to bring what I have learnt to my clients.

I truly believe the more accepting, compassionate and understanding we are of ourselves, the more we are to those around us and of society. The benefits of REwilding ourselves extend much further than the individual. THIS is why I coach.

I have a PG Cert in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and a Life Coaching certification from the Conscious Coaching Collective.

So, what is REwild, practically?

  • Five or ten 60-minute Zoom calls spread across three or six months
  • Unlimited email support throughout, for when you need an extra little pep talk or inspirational “leg-up.”
  • Recording of our session for you to refer back to
  • Exercises, activities and resources for you to delve into and test between our sessions, these will help you put in to practice the work we are doing and allow us to chart the transformation you are making
  • A commitment from me to support you, walk with you and wave pom-poms for you at every point of our journey together

It is my intention our work together will allow you once and for all let go of people-pleasing and start living a life on your own terms. Together we will curate a toolbox full of exercises and activities you can return to again and again as you move forward in your life as your true wild self.


£600 for 10 sessions over 6 months 


6 months = £600 (or 6 monthly payments of £100)

Please get in touch for payment plans

processes and policies:

  • Please commit with intention as I do not offer refunds
  • Payment plans available
  • I use Zoom for our calls

Now is the time for you to stop people-pleasing.

Now is the time for you to let go of perfectionism.

Now is the time for you to embrace your whole, brilliant, bold and wild self so you can truly live your life on your own terms.

If not now, when?

let’s kick things off.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary discovery session. Let’s get to know each other.

bragging rights

I had a fantastic first session with Lucy: we dove straight into finding a practical solution for issues I've been feeling stuck in, and she provided me with an achievable plan to help me reach my goals. Lucy is full of positive energy, warmth and a can-do attitude. Even if you're new to coaching as I was I'd definitely recommend working with her: it's amazing to see what she can do in as little as an hour! Thank you so much, Lucy!”
- Alexandra

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