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uncover your values and start living them

Find Your North Star:

uncover your values and start living them

If I was to ask you what your values are, would you have an answer?
No? Do not worry, you are in the right place.

When you wake up in the morning what guides you? I dont mean that in a woo-woo way but in a real and practical way. If you have a decision to make, what do you consider to determine the route you will take? Do you have values you adhere to in life, or, maybe you just wing-it?

Simply, what means the most to you in life? If you are not sure, it is ok but, knowing could have a significant impact on your life.

Our values are our north star. The guiding light we come back to time and time again in all parts of our lives. They are what root us in life. They are our beliefs and our anchors. They are the things that really matter to us, the things we live for.

A value-led life is bold and personal. It asks us what we believe in and what we want in life not what society has told us we must conform to. Our values shape our world view, our dreams and goals. They are how we approach everything meaningful in our lives.

If you are not ready to commit to long-term coaching perhaps this single session is for you. Research suggests that solving one problem leads to improvement in other areas of life so if you are ready to start why not start here?

This session will be laser-focused on one area: value-led living

Huh? I can almost hear you say through the computer. Let me explain:

Values = life directions

Examples of values are creativity, connection, joy, freedom or courage. They are not goals, as we never fully achieve them but rather states of being that motivate us towards our goals. Knowing our values helps us make decisions in our lives. If you are embarking on a career change and one of your values is freedom, perhaps a structured 9-5 job isn’t right for you. Knowing your values helps guide you in a direction that is meaningful and joyful for you. Our values are there to help us, to anchor us to the lives we want to live and to guide us when we are unsure of where to turn.


Together we will explore:

In an engaging, creative and thoughtful way, we will define what your values are and why they matter. We will look at how you can use your values to support you in creating short and long-term goals that feel meaningful and whole-hearted for you. We will work towards you (re)gaining a beautiful sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

This one-off session is an action-focused, fun and fulfilling 90 minutes designed to uncover what your values are and how you can practically apply them to create more meaning, joy and happiness to your life.

This single session is part of what I believe is one of the most important things in life; finding a home within ourselves. A place of safety, love and worthiness. Trusting ourselves, knowing ourselves and believing in ourselves so we can live with purpose and compassion the way we want to live, not the way we are told to. No one knows what you need in your life more than you do.

  • We’ll meet for a 90-minute session
  • Preparatory questionnaire to be filled in before our session
  • Questionnaires or exercises along with notes and inspiration to be used either during or after our session
  • You will receive a follow-up email with a recording of our session plus any relevant notes and action steps for taking you forward
  • For accountability, I am available on email and we will meet for a 30-minute catch-up call 6-8 weeks later



let’s kick things off.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary discovery session. Let’s get to know each other.

bragging rights

I had a fantastic first session with Lucy: we dove straight into finding a practical solution for issues I've been feeling stuck in, and she provided me with an achievable plan to help me reach my goals. Lucy is full of positive energy, warmth and a can-do attitude. Even if you're new to coaching as I was I'd definitely recommend working with her: it's amazing to see what she can do in as little as an hour! Thank you so much, Lucy!”
- Alexandra

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