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Are you ready to stop people-pleasing? Are you ready to find out who you are underneath society's expectations of you? Are you ready to let this version of you - the real you, out? To truly start living on your own terms? REwild is a six-month one-to-one coaching programme where we will work together to help you to come back to who you truly are. To live a beautiful and value-led life with meaning and buckets of self-acceptance. Our work together will lead you towards a place of trust, acceptance and belief in who you are so you can live a life that feels amazing and is right for YOU.


All of You:

unpack your negative patterns and find self-acceptance

What does self-acceptance mean to you? Is it something you identify with? The thing is it not linear or straightforward. It is personal, nuanced and complicated, just like us. It also requires attention. But, if it is something you struggle with, it doesn't have to stay this way. In a supportive and kind way, we will look at your weaknesses and move towards a place of acceptance and self-care. Join me for this action-focused, fun and fulfilling 90 minutes designed to connect you to yourself and bring about a subtle, yet significant change in how you see yourself.


Find Your North Star:

uncover your values and start living them

If I was to ask you what your values are, would you have an answer? If you are not sure, it is ok, but, knowing could have a significant impact on your life. I like to describe our values as our north stars. They are the guiding lights we come back to time and time again in all parts of our lives. A value-led life is bold and personal. It gives your life meaning and is so meaningful. This 90-minute one-off session is action-focused, engaging, creative and thoughtful. Designed to uncover what your values are and show you how you can practically apply them to create more meaning, joy and happiness in your life.

let’s kick things off.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary discovery session. Let’s get to know each other.

bragging rights

I had a fantastic first session with Lucy: we dove straight into finding a practical solution for issues I've been feeling stuck in, and she provided me with an achievable plan to help me reach my goals. Lucy is full of positive energy, warmth and a can-do attitude. Even if you're new to coaching as I was I'd definitely recommend working with her: it's amazing to see what she can do in as little as an hour! Thank you so much, Lucy!”
- Alexandra

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